Friday, April 2, 2010

America's Godly Heritage by David Barton

Does America really have a Godly heritage? It definitely does, and abundant proof of this fact is available in tens of thousands of historic documents. In fact, copious evidence is readily visible in a consideration of the individuals and incidents in and around just one small building:

Independence Hall in Philadelphia – the birthplace of American liberty and the origin of American constitutional government In that building on July 2, 1776, the Founding Fathers in the Continental Congress voted to approve a complete separation from Great Britain; on July 4th, they approved the Declaration of Independence; and on July 8th, they carried the Declaration outside Independence Hall, read it to the assembled crowd, and then rang the Liberty Bell. Most citizens assume that the famous bell derives its name from the fact that it rang when America announced its liberty, but such is not the case. It is called the Liberty Bell because of the Biblical inscription from Leviticus 25 Proclaim liberty throughout the land, to all the inhabitants thereof.

Next door to Independence Hall is Carpenters’ Hall – the building in which the first American Congress met. In 1774, forty of America’s leading statesmen from across the thirteen colonies (including luminaries such as Patrick Henry, John Adams, George Washington, John Jay, Samuel Adams, and many others) met in that Hall to prepare for the approaching conflict with Great Britain.

That Congress opened with prayer, but according to historical records, it was not a superficial prayer like might be prayed in a public gathering today. To the contrary, it was a profound time of prayer led by the Rev. Jacob Duché, a local minister from nearby Christ Church.Christ Church is where many of the Founding Fathers worshipped, and where seven signers of the Declaration of Independence are buried: Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, James Wilson, Francis Hopkinson, Joseph Hewes, and George Ross. So many Founders worshipped at Christ Church that around 1910, a famous stained glass window (now called "Patriot’s Window") was added, showing many of the Founders and famous Americans attending church there, including: patriots’ window with the congregation worshpping in 1790. in the front row is robert morris and his children, white and harrison; in the aisle to the left is francis hopkinson and his son; in the second row is george and martha washington, alexander hamilton, and betsy ross; in the third row is benjamin rush and joseph hopkinson; in the fourth row is john penn and his family, and in the fifth row is benjamin franklin and his daughter, sarah

• Robert Morris and his family (Morris was one of the elite group of six Founding Fathers who signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution);

• George Washington and his wife, Martha;• Alexander Hamilton (a signer of the Constitution and an author of the Federalist Papers);

•Dr. Benjamin Rush (a signer of the Declaration and the "Father of Public Schools Under the Constitution");• Joseph Hopkinson(a federal judge and a constitutional attorney who was the son of Declaration signer Francis Hopkinson);

• Francis Hopkinson and his family(Hopkinson was a signer of the Declaration and an early federal judge appointed by President George Washington);• John Penn and his family (Penn was the grandson of Pennsylvania founder William Penn and was a governor of Pennsylvania before the Revolution); and

• Benjamin Franklin and his daughter, Sarah (Franklin is another of the six who signed both the Declaration and the Constitution; he was also Governor of Pennsylvania)

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